the Swamp Brothers


The New Swamp Brothers album "The Tennessee Sessions has been released!


Download / stream the album now at


The upbeat opening track, Food on the Table, is a song of gratitude and thanksgiving, and sums up the spirit of The Swamp Brothers pretty well: “Got music and friends and a sweet melody/life is good.”  The following track, I Wish I Had a Horse, shows off the playful instrumentation of banjo and guitar, as well as the soaring vocal harmonies on Spencer’s vivid lyrics: “Aurora borealis/coming on the night/burning up the sky.” Smith’s tune Arkansas, evokes imagery of the American landscape, seen through the eyes of a lost soul in search of love.  Troubleville, conjures up an existentially comic town of broken down trains, a shop that sells only rusted bells, and a calendar with no weekends. The album also features a taste of what might be described as “bar room gospel” with the blues-meets-bluegrass tune Little Man.  “I give you all my flowers/just wait until they bloom/I pray a midnight shower/gonna bring the harvest moon” begins Bacon’s lyrical masterpiece Time Time Time.  And concluding the album is a vocal harmony driven version of Stephen Foster’s classic tune Hard Times.


The album was mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering in Boston (Josh Ritter, Andrew Bird), was recorded and mixed by Steven Bacon, and was produced by Putnam Smith. The CD jackets were printed up by Putnam on a 1901 letterpress (hand set type! pedal powered!) and features original artwork by Portland, Maine artist Jamie Andrew.

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